Egbe Ifa

Ifa Religion


If one’s destiny is unfortunate, perhaps one’s internal wisdom is not sufficient. There is water in the house of the owner of the ocean. the ocean is the head of all waters. there is water in the house of the owner of the lagoon, the lagoon which holds second place. There is wisdom within Akoda, Akoda who taught the whole world Ifa. There are words within Aseda, Aseda who taught all the elders wise counsel. There is wisdom within Orunmila, He who makes the world right, repairer who repairs the unfortunate destiny. (OseFun)


When a new day dawns we should not be as uninformed as yesterday. This was the Ifa cast for Komo, the uninformed  one, who was meditating on how he should have done something yesterday. He meditated until he fell asleep. When the day dawned and twilight appeared, He still did not know for certain what he should have done. Therefore, we should strive day after day to accomplish a task. If that is not enough, then we should strive month after month to succeed. Until eventually we know what we should do. They advised to offer ebo, He did. (IworiGosun)


It is where we skip and miss our step that we need to investigate. We do not need to investigate where we land after we fall. A youth failed to investigate where he had skipped and missed his step. He instead investigated where he had landed after falling. These were Ifa’s declarations for Imado-sigi, when going on an Ifa mission to the palace of Elese-Owo. Offspring og igare-Ogun by bthe river side. (IreteNsun)

Egbe Ifa Ile kukute Agbon

Our mission is to create bridges between communities to come together as one under the umbrella of Olodumare.

We strive to bring wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Yoruba traditional beliefs practice in Africa and the diaspora.

Our goal is to bring the little knowledge we have acquired throughout the years to the community. May the applied knowledge assist in growth of the whole community.

‘All goodness became a grouping together in harmony. The grouping together of the strands of hair covered the head. The grouping of hairs on the chin became a strong beard. The grouping of trees became a forest. The grouping together of eruwa grasses became a savanna. The grouping together of beehives hold up the house. And the grouping together of the ita ants led to covering the earth. Alasuwada, Great Being who creates all beings in groups, we ask you humbly, that you grant us things gathered in groups so that they bring together all things good for us’

May Ifa bless us all,

Awo Tifalase