NTW3RK COLLECTIVE is a community of like-minded independent professionals working together to build sustainable, profitable, and fun businesses and business models with creatives, techies, and entrepreneurs for fans and consumers everywhere.  Commercial Licensing, Development, & Representation: NTW3RK is a full-service Entertainment Collective capable of developing, promoting, and commercializing original concepts and content. We specialize in unique talent and ideas that haven’t yet found their way into the market. No project is too big or small.

The NTW3RK COLLECTIVE is a small group of like-minded independent entertainment, business,  and finance professionals that have spent the last decade creating original IP, empowering creative, and exploring fairer business models for creators to access the services they would traditionally sacrifice some or all ownership to receive (i.e. label services, marketing, publishing, and more).  Our team consists of Lawyers (Media & Entertainment), Audio Engineers, Music Producers, Film Directors, Actors, Artists, Writers, Editors, Game Developers, App Developers, Copywriters & Publishers each with a rich history of delivering value and strives every day to provide benefit, reward, and value for all of our collaborators, fans, and consumers.

THE NTW3RK COLLECTIVE MEMBERSHIP NFT marks the first expansion of the collective since its founding in 2017.

NFT-based memberships are exclusive programs that use NFTs as access keys to unlock a variety of services and rewards. Also known as “NFT token-gating,” these memberships use blockchain technologies to verify ownership of the NFT and grant holders access to whatever member-exclusive perks are being offered.

We have curated a collection of original IP and business models that span across Music, Television, Film, and even Real Estate.  Each of these projects will be developed by utilizing and exploring new technologies and business models.

As we continue to develop and deploy new technologies and strategies around original IP the NTW3RK COLLECTIVE MEMBERS will have access to and input on how the properties are developed and monetized.  Membership also provides its owners with unrivaled utility, collectability, and continued value through partner project mints which  holders will be able to mint for the price of gas alone (in most instances).

NTW3RK is a worldwide group of cultural creators, thinkers, and builders who convene digitally and IRL to collaboratively shape Web3’s future.

We hold NTW3RK FOUNDERS NFTS as a way to collectively fund and govern our community endeavors and co-own what we create together.

NTW3RK MEMBERS NFTS is the beginning of how we are moving further into decentralization.  Projects range from original IP to new technologies to creative new business and membership models, this presents our members with a unique opportunity for ownership and/or participation on a per-project basis.

The NTW3RK COLLECTIVE is a unique network of enterprises, providing clear paths for both business and artistic success.  Our passion is to inspire and inform. We focus on creating outstanding quality content that is shared by our fans.

NTW3RK Production

High-Quality professional production services

NTW3RK Dealflow

From production or pitch deck to distribution or start-up

NTW3RK Marketing

Brand Identity, strategy, public relations, & promotion

NTW3RK Events

Community curated mixers, seminars, & private events


The NTW3RK COLLECTIVE NFT is a membership token to a creative business ecosystem.

  • Membership includes early access to properties that we are developing, discounted tickets to live music events, airdrops, access to exclusive merchandise, discounts across our professional network of services, events, and recording studios, exclusive music, and much more.
  • Members will automatically receive white list spots on various partner projects.
  • Access our dashboard with tools to view, vote,  and see opportunities to get involved with various projects within our ecosystem.  (Under Development)
  • Exclusive access to Film & Television properties.
  • Exclusive Music and Music NFTS


Q3 2022

  • Develop mint gated membership portal
  • Build members area project matrix viewer
  • Prep initial projects
  • Debut open “Tour Calculator” tool

Q4 2022

  • Deploy Membership Site & Dashboard
  • Debut PROJECT 1 proposals and community vote
  • Roll out “Music Artist Marketing Programs” + submission & business models (Music Launchpad)
  • Begin Music-Focused Custom Smart Contract development 

Q1 2023

  • Debut “Tour Pool” DeFi tour funding
  • Update PROJECT 1 voting and/or development
  • Reveal “Real Estate” & token plans and roadmap
  • Debut “Project Portal” for submissions 

Q2 2023

  • Introduce “Uber Music Tour” in-house funded tour (DeFi staking mechanism)
  • Debut grant programs for musicians
  • Relaunch Free “Music Business Classes”
  • Vote on COLLECTIVE expansion/Gen 2 NFT Membership Drop
  • Update PROJECT 1

Q3 2023

  • Launch NTW3RK ROKU Channel
  • Reveal “Real Estate” member financing programs
  • Close “Real Estate Token” sale and submit initial target properties for community vote
  • PROJECT 1 update, PROJECT 2 proposals, and community vote